2017 Message from the Premier

Every year the NSW Seniors Festival encourages seniors to be active, social and healthy with hundreds of events across our great State. The festival provides seniors with the opportunity to take part in their community and enjoy the benefits that come from participation.

The NSW Government’s vision for our senior community is to continue to empower all seniors to live active and fulfilling lives. We do this by collaborating with non-government organisations and the wider community to foster opportunities for social inclusion.

The role of seniors in NSW is valued and celebrated through this festival of events, and the NSW Government acknowledges the commitment and dedication of seniors who are at the heart of NSW.

A highlight of the festival is the Premier’s Gala Concerts, which showcase some of Australia’s finest stage and recording artists.

This 10-day festival is made possible through the formation of collaborative partnerships. Many organisations come together to deliver a diverse range of events for seniors to encourage a healthy, creative, active and connected lifestyle.

The festival is a great opportunity to celebrate the contributions you make to your families and communities.

This year, I encourage you to Do More Together and enjoy the 2017 NSW Seniors Festival.


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